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Brooke Tucker Originals by Judy Kincaid

Judy began working with Brooke Tucker on the miniature line that bears her name in June 2005. Judy will continue to offer the miniature room box classes that Brooke has established and will add new items to the line consistent with the Brooke Tucker style and tradition of quality.

According to Brooke Tucker, founder of Brooke Tucker Originals, "I couldn't be more pleased with the new owner of the Brooke Tucker miniature line. Judy has the enthusiasm and understanding of the way miniatures can be as full of impact as a masterpiece painting. Her eye for design and quality and her ability to teach others is extraordinary. I know fans of the line will be delighted."

Brooke has now, of course, retired from our world of miniatures but has launched a new venture called AWGO (As We Get Older).  The idea behind it all is how to age with a happy and snappy attitude.  The site also contains those great stories that she used to tell in classes around the country.  She's calling them "Hollywood Snippets".  Be sure to visit her at and enjoy!

Plans for Brooke Tucker Originals
According to Judy, the Brooke Tucker Originals line will continue to feature the popular accessories miniaturists love and they will work together to ensure a smooth transition that will begin June 15, 2005 when the wholesale line comes under Judy's management.

Brooke Tucker Originals
2060 Park Blvd
Palo Alto, CA 94306

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