Dear Friends,

When I started in miniatures 30 years ago, I had no idea where it would take me. Much to my surprise and wonder, people liked and even wanted to buy my work! I am eternally grateful to all of you for the wonderful career you have given me, for the opportunities you've offered and the many friendships I've built and will treasure always. I learned that I wanted Brooke Tucker Originals to be synonymous with quality miniatures. My vision was to show the world how miniatures could be incorporated into our homes with excitement and creativity; that miniature rooms are in fact 3-dimensional paintings.

You may have heard that I am leaving the business - and that time has come! My goal is that the miniatures that carry my name will continue to represent high standards in design and quality so I am pleased to announce that I have sold my business to a talented miniaturist who will work with me to continue the tradition of excellence. Judy Kincaid has been fascinated by all things tiny since childhood. She recently left a career in high tech to follow her passion for miniatures. I have been passing on my knowledge over the past year and a half to ensure a smooth transition that began in June, 2005. Now that the transfer is complete and I have retired from creating rooms for commission and will no longer personally teach classes, I will continue to consult with her on designs for new accessories and classes to make sure everything continues to have the "Brooke Look".



About Brooke Tucker
Master Miniaturist

Brooke Tucker's niche in the world of miniatures is undisputed. She is a Master Miniaturist with a vision for the unique. Her work is not only widely recognized, it is admired and sought after by the very elite of her profession. Her creativity consistently meets each new challenge to achieve the perfect effect that makes each project more beautiful than the one before.

Her sense of the dramatic and her flair for theatrical design was undoubtedly fostered by her Hollywood background. Brooke grew up in California as the daughter of the well-known actor, Forrest Tucker, and her beautiful Earl Carrol showgirl mother. The stage sets were her playground, and their design and construction made a lasting impression on her. Her flair for the extraordinary and distinctive was nurtured in the back lots of those Hollywood sets. Later she entered the entertainment world, touring first with her father in several productions and then striking out on her own on stage and television.

Brooke recalls that miniatures just seemed to appear miraculously in her life. She distinguished herself in this field very early and was one of the first to create contemporary miniature rooms with the unmistakable flair that stamps her work with that special, unsurpassed, "Brooke Look." Her rooms capture a moment in time--a prettier, more gracious time, a world into which viewers might escape into their own reveries. What Brooke creates, then, is a fantasy in miniature, a world where imagination soars and fantasies come to life. Brooke is a gifted artisan, unsurpassed as a teacher, and will remain to many of her students, a cherished friend. She reached for the stars and having attained her goal, shared her accomplishments with all who dare to dream.

You can reach Brooke via email.

Memberships & Associations:

Academy of Honor, The National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts
Fellow, The International Guild of Miniature Artisans

Biographical Reference:

"Interior Design in Miniature, Brooke Tucker Originals" by Anne Day Smith, Boynton and Associates, Inc.

"Golden Christmas" by Brooke Tucker and Anne Day Smith, Kalmbach Publishing

"The Dollhouse Book" by StephanieFinnegan, Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers


Angel's Attic, Santa Monica, California
Miniature Museum of Taiwan


About Judy Kincaid
New Owner, Brooke Tucker Originals

Judy has been an avid creator and collector of all things small since her childhood in Evanston, Illinois. Close proximity to Colleen Moore's wonderful dollhouse at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry was her earliest inspiration. Always a compassionate person, she couldn't bear it if her dolls were homeless, and spent many hours creating homes, furniture and accessories from cardboard, paper, fabric and almost anything else she could get her hands on.

A fervent miniaturist, Judy has recently completed the design and development of several original pieces of furniture in 20th century styles that have been released as limited editions. She has been a long time collector and creator of dollhouses and rooms for her personal collection. She is also an experienced businesswoman who established a successful consulting practice following her career at Hewlett-Packard Company, a noted business instructor and author.

Today Judy is launching the third phase of her miniature journey and will combine her passion for miniature design and quality with her extensive business experience. She is committed to continuing the success of this exceptional line of products and to build on the solid base that already exists. She is committed to maintaining the same quality and vision that exemplify Brooke's work and to add some style and nuance of her own.

"Becoming the new owner of Brooke Tucker Originals is a 'dream come true' for me. There is so much to learn, so much room for me to improve and organize my processes and so much pleasure in delighting fans of the line with new and unusual items that I know I will never be bored."

You can reach Judy by email.


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